Case Study

Corita Art Center

Can a set of rules created 50 years ago inspire a new generation of creatives? Summary WMBB designed a social media campaign, graphics for an invite and microsite, printed materials, and on-site graphics for an in-person event to launch the New Rules Next Week audio project in partnership with the Corita Art Center and dublab […]

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Can a thriving community built on in-person events be sustained in an uncertain and virtual world? Summary WMBB designs and produces experiences, engagements, and exchanges with a vibrant community of cheese lovers through immersive virtual events, intimate in-person gatherings, an engaging communication platform in a mobile app, a multisensory educational program, and more. WMBB’s work

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Selma – Paramount Pictures

Can a movie spark a movement? Summary WMBB led strategy and engagement efforts to prompt social influencers through scheduled chats with Oprah, Ava Duvernay, Common and Kid President, and an engaged community in acts of commitment and content creation across the social web that populated a website built to highlight the work of national nonprofits

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Compassion International

Is there a difference between an activist and an advocate? Summary WMBB explored whether a community invitation to acts of compassion could serve as a catalyst for a culture change in engagement with a global charitable organization. A large-scale research study resulted in a simple, but impactful, shift of messaging and meaning for 600,000 donors.

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The Great Discontent

Can an established art magazine evolve to become a platform for immersive workshops and an amplifier of emerging and underrepresented creatives? Summary WE MUST BE BOLD (WMBB) publishes The Great Discontent, a connection-focused platform that amplifies the stories of artists, designers, and the broader creative community. Through this platform, WMBB seeks to create space to

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