How We Work

we must be bold is a community design studio.

Let’s explain that:

Community design is a research-based methodology used to reveal systems, stories, and symbols that create meaningful connections.

Those systems, stories, and symbols become strategies that foster the reciprocity, fulfillment of needs, and the emotional connection needed to experience a true sense of community.

Strategies can take many forms—from identities to films, to apps, to events.


Communities are the only recession-proof, pandemic-proof, technology-proof marketing.

Our work helps organizations connect with the people who love them and promotes advocacy and engagement in many forms.
It can be difficult to find clarity on barriers, challenges, or opportunities from within an organization – our approach reflects your current state back to you from an outside perspective and then inspires custom systems for connection.

We do this through a flexible process:

Our research methodology is informed by network theory and community organizing practices. This phase includes tactics for collecting helpful perspectives through qualitative interviews, conversation groups, immersive culture studies, design, comms and systems audits, and more.

Based on our research, we propose solutions that can take many forms, from community identities to micro documentaries to town halls – all created with the intention of connection. 

We work from concept through the design and production of those solutions…whether they are social campaigns, research tools, or dinner parties.

For longer-term engagements, we walk alongside you to maintain and grow your community and community leadership team – whether this means regular workshops, managing customer interactions, or ongoing research.

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