What does community mean to you?

Some imagine social media followers, an email list, an audience,
or simply a group of consumers…


…but true community is so much more.

Strong communities are built on the need for belonging, reciprocity, shared experiences, and trust.

They can result in incredible returns, but take time and care to maintain and grow.


That’s where

That’s where we

That’s where we come

That’s where we come in.

WE MUST BE BOLD uses a research based methodology to create lasting customer, civic, or community engagement for our clients.

We reveal and engage the symbols, stories, and systems that create meaningful connections:

It is with heavy hearts that we write of the passing of our friend, guide, mentor, and beloved colleague Hugh Weber on the afternoon of March 15th.

There is no easy way to share this news, and the tremendous sense of loss and sadness we feel, which is only buoyed by how much we know he loved and valued all as friends, collaborators and members of his beloved community. And how deeply he was loved in return.

As we hold space for one another to process the passing of our friend, we remain in communication with his family, and we will share additional details regarding services and ways to support each other as we can. 

If you’d like to stay in touch for these details, please follow @greatdiscontent

Hugh thrived in the realm of possibility. He pushed us all to dream what’s next. 

As we hold his memory gently, we are reminded of a few simple words he held closely, yet felt so expansively: we must be bold.

– The WE MUST BE BOLD team 

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