Creative Counsel

How can exploring the right questions at the right moment transform a career, company, community or creative endeavor?


WMBB provides experienced counsel to the world’s creative and community leaders, emerging and established, who are facing moments of transition in their careers, companies, communities and creative endeavors. Using a diverse toolkit of assessments and strategic frameworks, we guide individuals and teams through discovery and design of aspirational work plans and then remain connected to help bring these visions to fruition.

The process

Uncertainty is a guaranteed part of any creative journey. We all reach crossroads and face obstacles while trying to make progress. Examining these moments of the unknown with a practiced guide can make a world of difference in clarity of purpose, confidence in the process and a commitment to moving forward.

Hugh Weber is the founder of WMBB and is a network theorist, community organizer, and strategic advisor. As an extension of the community design work of WMBB, Hugh counsels established leaders facing uncertainty across multiple industries including design, media, government, and business.

Working with Hugh is an energizing reminder of just how rich and thriving the network of people, resources and ideas are in this world, and of the creative and powerful acts of connecting them.”

Creative Counsel Client

Our Creative Counsel process has helped clients through pivotal moments that might look like:

The creative counsel process takes place through immersive workshops, quarterly consultations, or weekly sessions. All of these formats are used to identify what lies at the root of the obstacle, decision, or perceived risk. We consider a multitude of possibilities, form a strategy for moving forward consciously, and hold ourselves accountable for acting, adapting, and achieving the milestones committed to.

I don’t know how he is able to track and distill the ever-changing voice of any particular market into relevant and actionable insights. I just know that it’s priceless ... You can’t help but like a guy who makes you better at what you do.”

Creative Counsel Client

Creative Counsel exists in three forms:

Clients join Hugh on a three day session through the rolling hills of Wisconsin that follows the work of an iconic architect and culminates in a stay in a remote historic landmark. Personal workshops will be held in studios where some of the world’s greatest creative works were dreamed up. Workshops include pre-work, a structured work plan, and post-retreat sessions to ensure you have support in your next steps. 

Clients can choose between group workshops with like-minded individuals from many fields, or one on ones.


  • Pre-workshop Strengths Assessment and Creative Brief
  • Three Day Retreat in Madison and Spring Green, WI
  • Structured Six Month Work Plan
  • Three Post-Workshop Cohort Convenings & A 1-on-1 Session

This format includes Hugh and the WMBB team acting as an essential sounding board and guide for questions and progress at quarterly intervals. A regular outside check-point to look forward too and informed feedback can be the difference maker during moments of transformation.



  • Kick-off Session
  • Client Created Agenda
  • 90 Minute Quarterly Check In
  • Notes, Recordings & Recommendations
  • 48 hour Guaranteed Response via Email

Hourly sessions are flexible and agendas are customized to your particular moment. A toolkit of assessments and modules are used to establish a foundation. From there, the agenda focuses on the client’s challenges and opportunities.



  • A pre-meeting briefing document
  • An hour-long coaching call
  • Copies of Hugh’s notes, a recording of the sessions & recommendations for future steps

We’d love to discuss how Creative Counsel could work for you. Reach out to start the conversation.

Hugh is able to connect the dots for us before we even see them. It’s why we turn to him over and over again”.

Creative Counsel Client

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