Insight & Intention 

Before you consider community design, it is absolutely essential to explore who you are, what you believe and who you aspire to be – as individuals and organizations. Where other organizations seek to create community, we work to reveal it.

To do this well, our team commits to a 1-2 month exploration for insight and intentions. This often includes deep work on values, mission, current and aspirational relationships of influence, community story and potential moonshots.
 Strategic Engagement 

Communities don’t just happen. They require planning, preparation, direction and contingencies and an invitation. We partner with organizations that are prepared to invest time and resources in identifying, defining and launching their unique moonshot with and through community.

To do this well, our team commits to a 2-4 month engagement of discovery and design. This includes the development of trajectories of success including identity, narrative, community structure and  defining experiences.
 Community Design 

Working from four community pillars – identity, narrative, structure and experience, our team of citizen rebels knows our work is done when we’ve launched a moonshot community that authentically and actively creates space for deep and generative connection.

To do this well, we commit to a 6-8 month journey of discovery, design and mission control support for our partner organization. This often includes recruiting and training the internal mission crew for the moonshot. This work is always ambitious and aspirational, much like our clients. 

If you’re part of an organization that you believe has the courage to discover, design and explore, we’re ready to talk with you today ︎︎︎

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